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JVB PREMIUM Guitar strings, JVB Bass strings, JVB Acoustic strings, JVB Electric strings, JVB Nylon strings, JVB Classic strings, JVB FREEZE Cryogenic Acoustic strings, JVB FREEZE Cryogenic Electric strings, JVB FREEZE Cryogenic Bass strings, JVB Banjo 5 strings, JVB Tenor Banjo strings, JVB Mandolin strings are consistently tested and played in LIVE ON STAGE performances and RECORDING STUDIO productions by the world's most discriminating professional musicians.

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• JVB PREMIUM Bright Bronze, JVB PREMIUM Phosphor Bronze in single or Twin Packs.

• JVB 12 String PREMIUM Bright Bronze, JVB 12 String PREMIUM Phosphor Bronze.

• JVB PREMIUM Nylon Ball End Silver Clear and JVB PREMIUM Nylon Ball End Black Gold.

• JVB PREMIUM Classic Tie on in Normal or JVB PREMIUM Classic High Tension.

• JVB PREMIUM Banjo 5 String, JVB PREMIUM Tenor Banjo and JVB PREMIUM Mandolin strings.

• JVB PREMIUM Bass Round Wound Long Scale in 4 & 5 String sets or in JVB PREMIUM Twin Pack Bass sets.

• JVB PREMIUM Custom Selected Gauge Sets in JVB Electric, JVB Bright Bronze, JVB Phosphor Bronze and JVB Bass strings, JVB Custom gauges are made for your set up and gauge playing preferences. Ask for JVB at your favorite Music Store.

• JVB FREEZE CRYO TM Cryogenically Activated Frozen strings in JVB FREEZE CRYO Electric, JVB FREEZE CRYO Phosphor Bronze. JVB FREEZE CRYO Bass in 4 & 5 string sets or JVB FREEZE CRYO Bass Twin Pack sets.

• JVB PREMIUM Single Strings offer a full range in Electric, Bright Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Nylon Ball end, Classic Tie on Normal Tension or Classic Tie on High Tension and Long Scale Round Wound Bass singles.

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